First Men on Mars #1: a 48-Page Steampunk Comic

Created by E.M.PRESS Publications

E.M.PRESS Publications relaunches its debut comicbook, a 48-page steampunk adventure **Due to fluctuating global shipping rates, we will be charging shipping fees at a later date.
We will keep you updated through Kickstarter Updates for when shipping fees will be applied to your pre-order. Thank you for your patience and understanding!**

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Of Progress and Shows
4 days ago – Sat, Sep 23, 2023 at 09:45:26 AM

Hello and welcome to our latest update.

Let's start with one of Ian's new pages of artwork, shall we:

As ever, we've been a little coy as we don't want to give away too many plot points, but there's still enough of Ian's sterling work left for you to enjoy.

As work continues on First Men on Mars, we're also planning our show schedule for what's left of 2023 and the beginning of 2024. Whilst we're waiting for confirmation of our 2024 applications, the one and only Ian Richardson will be representing us at Comic Expo Bristol on Saturday 7th October.

Whilst Ian won't have any copies of First Men on Mars #1, he will have copies our First Men on Mars preview. Physical copies of this preview have previously only been available at the 2022 London Film and Comicon.

Looking ahead to November, we're thrilled to be at Thought Bubble in Harrogate.

Held on 11th -12th November at the Harrogate Convention Centre,  Thought Bubble is the UK's largest comic art convention in the UK and we feel blessed to be there. You can find us on table C38 in DSTLRY Hall.

We look forward to seeing you there! In the interim, we'll continue to bring you new artwork and updates. 

Very best wishes,


More New Artwork!
12 days ago – Sat, Sep 16, 2023 at 05:17:51 AM

Hello and welcome to this, our new update for First Men on Mars #1.

Our artists are still hard at work and they're producing new pages at a rate of knots. Here's just one example form Paul McCaffrey:

That's all for today, but we'll bring you a new page tomorrow.

Very best,


A Shout Out to War of the Worlds: Thunder Child
14 days ago – Thu, Sep 14, 2023 at 07:21:46 AM

Mad Robot Comics' War of the Worlds: Thunder Child

Hello and welcome to this latest update.

Given that we at E.M.PRESS are rather fond of Victoriana and Martians, it will come as no surprise that we love H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds. Be it the book, Jeff Wayne's musical adaptation, tabletop games and, yes, even the recent BBC series, we're all over anything related to the world's most famous Martian invasion.

We are, therefore, equally enamored with Mad Robot Comics' War of the Worlds: Thunder Child. Whilst we missed the first Kickstarter, we were fortunate enough to acquire a copy at the recent London Film and Comicon. And jolly good it is too!  

This latest Kickstarter is seeking funds to bring issue #2 to print, It also offers new readers an opportunity to buy issues #1 and #2, each of which sports some spiffing alternative covers!

War of the World; Thunder Child #1

War of the Worlds: ThunderChild ends Tuesday, October 3 2023  at 7:00 PM BST. Make your pledges now to help it reach its funding goal and unlock its stretch goals, including this superb print by Warwick Fraser-Coombe:

Ian Richardson's New and Original Artwork is Also for Sale!
26 days ago – Fri, Sep 01, 2023 at 05:14:32 PM

Hello and welcome to our latest update.

Yesterday we brought you the most excellent news that pages of Paul McCaffrey's artwork from First Men on Mars #1 are available to purchase. Today we're thrilled to reveal you can also get your hands on the latest masterpieces from Ian Richardson!

Drawn and inked by the incredible Ian Richardson, these two beauties are now available on our Backerkit page

We'll also be making more pages available as and when they are completed by Ian. In the interim, why not check out the Backerkit page for more original First Men on Mars artwork, including pages by Paul McCaffrey and Mike Collins?

That's all for today, but we'll be back soon with another update. In the interim, all of us here at E.M.PRESS thank you once again for your support and enthusiasm for First Men on Mars; it really does a mean a lot to us all.

Very best,


More Original Artwork for Sale!
27 days ago – Fri, Sep 01, 2023 at 08:07:48 AM

Hello and welcome to this latest update.

Recently we shared some of Paul McCaffrey's new pages with you. If you liked them, then you'll be absolutely thrilled to know they're now available for sale!

 That's right, each of Paul's five new pages can now be purchased via our Backerkit. Each page is the original, hand drawn piece by Paul himself, and is totally unique. 

See the rest of these masterpieces on Backerkit.